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  1. Tree Reforestation and Environmental Enhancement (TREE) Program
  2. As a participant of the Trees Reforestation and Environment Enhancement (TREE) program, you agree to take responsibility for the care of any or all trees provided under this program during the first three years after planting.

    The care will include:

    1. Watering appropriately, depending on rain, every 7 to 14 days. Put your hose by the base of the tree and run water gently for about 2 hours.

    2.Weeding and maintaining mulch to prohibit weed growth.
    •Do not fertilize until the second year.
    •Do not use weed killer near new trees.
    •Protect new tree from damage by cars, lawnmower, bikes, vandals, etc.

    The City Forester will determine the final species due to the location, space, and availability from the nursery. There is a fee of $50 per tree planted. Payment is due upon the submittal of this application.
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