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Right-Of-Way Ash Tree Treatment Permit

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  2. City of Burlington
    Right-of-Way Ash Tree
    Treatment Request
  3. The City is working to address all Ash Trees located in the right-of-way and Park systems. The City will be removing all Ash Trees over the next 3-5 years from the right-of-way and parks, except a few Ash Trees will be saved in the Parks. The City is treating trees for Emerald Ash Borer in order to extend the time frame for removal of Ash Trees and spread the cost out over time.
  4. If you (property owner) desire to have an Ash Tree treated that is in the right-of-way, the City will evaluate and place this tree on the list to be treated. Ash trees are required to be treated for the life of the tree (every 2-3 years) in order to save the tree. Treatment does not 100% guarantee the tree will not become a hazard due to Ash Borer or other conditions (drought, lightning, etc). The City maintains the right to remove any tree that becomes a hazard, even if it has been treated. Property owners may pay to have a right-of-way tree treated. A property owner may not treat a tree in the right-of-way themselves, a certified contractor hired by the City must treat the tree. Cost for treatment is estimated at $10 per inch (diameter).
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