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Charitable Organization Application

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  2. Charitable Organization Application

    City Clerk's Office
    City Hall, 2nd Floor
    400 Washington Street
    Burlington, Iowa 52601

    Questions? (319) 753-8124
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  7. Time Period during which such activities are to be carried out
  8. Organizations, Institutions, or Charitable Organizations, either directly or through agents, shall not solicit public donations in the State of Iowa unless they have first obtained a permit from the Secretary of State. Exempt from this requirement of a permit from Secretary of State are LOCAL organizations, churches and schools soliciting funds or donations from within this county.
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  10. Eric Tysland, Development & Parks Director
  11. Encroachment agreement needed?
  12. Doug Beaird, Police Chief
  13. Note: Must submit application to City Clerk's office two weeks prior to event for consideration.
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