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City Manager Forms

  1. Board and Committee Membership Application

    Application to serve as a volunteer on one of our many Boards and Commissions

Claim Form

  1. Claim Form

    This is a filing of a claim against the City of Burlington, Iowa.


  1. Citizen's Fire Academy

    Burlington Fire Department is hosting the second annual Citizen's Fire Academy for citizens interested in learning more about how the... More…

Parks - Forestry - Recreation

  1. Release and Waiver of Liability

    Release and waiver of liability to saw logs on City property.

  1. Right-Of-Way Ash Tree Treatment Permit

Police Department - $10 Fee

  1. Alarm Permit Application

    Use this form to apply for an automated burglar, intrusion, or fire alarm permit.

  1. Police Report Request Form

Police Department - No Fee Forms

  1. Compliments & Complaints Form
  1. Virtual Neighborhood Watch Program - Camera Registration

    Help the Burlington Police Department by letting us know you have a doorbell camera or exterior video surveillance equipment.

Rental Housing

  1. Change of Ownership - Rental Housing
  2. Rental Housing Complaint Form

    To file a complaint regarding a rental property complete the form.

  1. New Rental Inspection Request

    Prior to requesting an inspection, please refer to our Rental Housing Checklist for a list of items our inspectors will be looking at... More…