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7th Grade Essay Contest

  1. "If I Were Mayor" Essay Contest Entry Form

    Each 7th Grade Essay Contest entry must be accompanied by a completed entry form.

City Manager Forms

  1. Board and Committee Membership Application

    Application to serve as a volunteer on one of our many Boards and Commissions

Claim Form

  1. Claim Form

    This is a filing of a claim against the City of Burlington, Iowa.

Parks - Forestry - Recreation

  1. Release and Waiver of Liability

    Release and waiver of liability to saw logs on City property.

  1. Right-Of-Way Ash Tree Treatment Permit

Police Department - $10 Fee

  1. Alarm Permit Application

    Use this form to apply for an automated burglar, intrusion, or fire alarm permit.

  1. Police Report Request Form

Police Department - No Fee Forms

  1. Compliments & Complaints Form
  1. Virtual Neighborhood Watch Program - Camera Registration

    Help the Burlington Police Department by letting us know you have a doorbell camera or exterior video surveillance equipment.

Rental Housing

  1. Change of Ownership - Rental Housing
  2. Rental Housing Complaint Form

    To file a complaint regarding a rental property complete the form.

  1. New Rental Inspection Request

    Prior to requesting an inspection, please refer to our Rental Housing Checklist for a list of items our inspectors will be looking at... More…