How do I sign up for trash collection?
When you open a water account at the office of Burlington Municipal Waterworks, 500 North 3rd Street, you are automatically signed up for trash collection.

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1. How do I sign up for trash collection?
2. What day is my trash collected? What time of day?
3. Why do I have to use a City supplied cart?
4. How do I report that my trash was missed?
5. I rent my home. Does the City provide trash collection?
6. Where can I buy Trash Tags? How much do they cost?
7. Is there a recycling program in Burlington?
8. I forgot to set my trash out on time. What can I do?
9. What are the Solid Waste Department hours?
10. What holidays alter my trash collection day?
11. How do I dispose of construction or demolition material?
12. How do I dispose of a tire or car battery?
13. How do I dispose of paint or spray paint?
14. How do I dispose of batteries?
15. How do I dispose of a propane tank or helium tank?
16. How do I dispose of old carpet?
17. Where is the landfill? What are the hours of operation?
18. Can I rent a large roll-off container or a dumpster from the City?
19. Who can I call if there is a problem with garbage at my neighbors?
20. Does the City pick up Christmas trees?
21. If I want to throw away furniture infested with bed bugs, will the Solid Waste crew take it?