How do I dispose of paint or spray paint?

If you have nearly full cans of paint, you may be able to donate them to an organization like a community theater, battered women's or homeless shelter. If you have a least ½ gallon of paint, it may be accepted at the HazChem Center for the swap shop. Oil-based or lead paint should be taken to the HazChem Center. Call 319-753-8758 for an appointment. Small quantities of spray paint should be sprayed onto a piece of cardboard until the can is empty. The can and the cardboard can both be thrown into the trash. However, the HazChem Center encourages residents to bring aerosol cans of all types, full or empty, for free disposal. Call 319-753-8758 for an appointment.  Paint cans will be picked up by garbage collection crews if the lid is off the can and the driver can see that the can is empty or the contents are dry or have been absorbed with material like saw dust, cat litter, or oil dry. Latex paint will dry by simply leaving the lid off the can.

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