Vision and Mission Statement




The Burlington Police Department in a leadership role is committed to excellence in service through positive interaction with the community to ensure equality of services, citizen satisfaction, and the highest quality of life in our community. 



The mission of the Burlington Police Department is to guarantee a peaceful community through the enforcement of state and local laws, impartially and without prejudice, and to uphold the Constitution of the United States. We are committed to the protection of human life, individual rights and personal property through continuous care and professional service.




  1. We will maintain a leadership role through training, education, use of technology, and

      continuous improvement of police service.


 2.   We will respect the individual and cultural differences that make up our community.


 3.   We will be sensitive and responsive to citizen need and treat all people with dignity,

        respect, and fairness.


4.   We will be proactive in the reduction of crime.


5.   We will utilize our resources in the most efficient and effective manner.


6.   We will be professional, cooperative, and respectful to fellow employees.


7.   We will provide leadership and direction to reach our vision.