Harrison Avenue Reconstruction

The City has set up a text message/email service to notify residents of significant project changes. To access the service navigate to http://www.burlingtoniowa.org/list.aspx, and sign up for the Harrison Avenue Reconstruction Project under the “News Flash” heading. If you need help signing up for this service please call 319-753-8176 and we can take down your information and get you signed up.

August 8th, 2021 update:

Below is the most recent schedule provided by the contractor.Harrison Schedule 8-10-21

May 26th, 2021 UPDATE:

Construction personnel have been working between rainstorms to complete construction on the detention basin east of James Madison School, which will handle stormwater discharge from the planned Harrison Avenue Repairs (see below)

Harrison Street Basin

The contractor’s most recent schedule projection shows that Dunham Street will start to be impacted on June 14th, 2021.  While that date is subject to change with weather, residents should be aware that Dunham Street will be closed for construction in the middle of June.   The Dunham closure will include the 8th street intersection and adjacent pavement approximately 500’ east of the intersection.  It is anticipated that the work on Dunham will be complete by the end of July.

While this portion of the road is closed, residents should be prepared to park on the street adjacent to the project and walk to their houses, as access in the construction area will be limited to construction personnel only.  For more information on what to expect during construction we encourage residents to watch the public meeting rebroadcast below.   Road reconstruction will affect solid waste pickup, the city has planned with the contractor to handle solid waste pickup per the slide below.  If you have questions or concerns about the impact of this project please contact the public works department at 319-753-8176.

Trash and Mail for Harrison Ave

Harrison Avenue Reconstruction

In the spring of 2021, construction will start on the Harrison Avenue Reconstruction Project.  This effort will reconstruct Harrison Avenue between Summer Street and Main Street with a new concrete roadway.  The reconstruction effort for this project will not be limited to just Harrison Avenue; during the project, we will also be installing a detention basin east of James Madison School to help control stormwater flows. New stormwater lines will be installed on portions of 8th Street and Dunham Street to convey stormwater flows to the basin.  Upon installation of the stormwater lines, both streets will be replaced with new concrete roads.   We expect construction for this project to occur throughout 2021 and possibly into the spring of 2022 to reconstruct the Harrison and Summer Street intersection.  

Project Phasing

Due to the size of the project, it has been broken down into 4 phases to limit the amount of disruption to surrounding neighborhoods, see the images below for more detail.    

    Phase I – Detention Basin Construction, Dunham Street, and 8th Street
    Phase II – Harrison Avenue between Madison Avenue intersection and Main Street intersection
    Phase III – Harrison Avenue between Summer Street intersection and Madison Avenue intersection
    Phase IV – Harrison Avenue and Summer Street Intersection

Harrison Ave Phase 1 & 2

Harrison Phase 1 and 2

Harrison Ave Phase 3 & 4

Harrison Phase 3 and 4

Roadway Improvements

All roadways that are being replaced on the above phasing plan will be replaced with concrete streets. Road widths on Dunham Street and Harrison Avenue will remain unchanged.  8th street will be narrowed slightly to 26’ in width, as it is a low-traffic residential street.  All sidewalks crossing the streets being replaced will be brought up to the most current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.  

Sewer Improvements

This project will separate the combined sewer system on the east end of the project (between Madison Avenue and Main Street) by installing new storm sewer lines.  These storm sewer lines will convey storm sewer flows south along 8th street to a newly installed detention basin east of James Madison School.   The new stormwater lines are sized appropriately to allow for the future separation of approximately 32 acres in the surrounding area (see image below).  These areas will be separated in the future, as roadway improvements take place in the area.  In addition to sewer separation, the project will replace any existing brick stormwater intakes in the project area.

Harrison Ave Separation Area

Harrison Ave Separation Area

Harrison Ave Reconstruction Slide Show