Healthy Neighborhoods Program

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How does the program work?

The Burlington Healthy Neighborhoods Program works to promote the revitalization of Burlington’s neighborhoods by encouraging groups of neighbors to work together on exterior improvements to their properties.

Participating property owners in the Healthy Neighborhoods Program are eligible for matching funds (a dollar-for-dollar match, up to $1,000, for exterior improvements for each property owner). This is a matching grant. If $500 is spent, for example, a $250 match will be made. If $2,000 (or more) is spent, the match is $1,000.

This is a competitive grant program and funds are limited. Grants will be distributed based on the amount of funding available and the number and quality of applications received.

Changes that started in 2020

Applications will have a limit of one income or commercial property listed for reimbursement. Projects for income or commercial properties will be limited to landscaping only. Homes are eligible to receive awards twice in a five year period. The second award will be limited to half of the eligible expenses of that of the first year. For example:

1st year project cost: $2,000     Award Amount: $1,000
2nd year project cost: $2,000    Award Amount: $500

Funding for these grants is limited and we want to ensure successful projects. If funding was previously approved and work was not completed or communicated, this could impact future year’s applications. Funding will not be dispersed on anyone’s project in the neighborhood until at least 60% of neighbors have submitted qualifying receipts. 

Role of Leader: There are expectations of the neighborhood leader of these applications. High level of communication between neighbors and city will be crucial. This role will act as liaison for all questions if needed and for gathering information. This is a time commitment we recognize and will compensate by offering an additional $100 for successful applications. *Successful applications will require at least 80% of homes to submit receipts, show good working relationships, and maintain good level of contact with the city.

Who is Eligible for Funding?

Your home must be within the city limits of Burlington and you must have at least five neighbors participate within a four block radius. Homes that are owner occupied will receive preference, although (1) income or commercial property can be included on the application with limitations on improvements to just landscaping.

What Improvements are Eligible?

  • Porch and Soffit Repair
  • Porch Construction
  • Porch Painting
  • Paint for Siding and Trim
  • New Siding
  • Exterior Lights
  • Front Yard Landscaping

*List not comprehensive, more improvements may be eligible but all must be approved through development department*

  1. Jocelynn Krebill

    Project Coordinator

How to Participate in 2021

If you would like to apply for a Burlington Healthy Neighborhoods grant, you will need to apply with at least four other neighboring property owners (five property owners total) who intend to perform exterior work to their properties. Homeowners and landlords may apply. A representative of the neighbors applying must meet with the City of Burlington Development Department before submitting an application to make sure the application is eligible for funding.

Download the printable application (PDF).

View a list of tips to make your application competitive (PDF)

Thank you to our sponsors: Greater Burlington Partnership, the Witte Foundation, and the Southeast Iowa Property Owners Association.