Aspen & Dill Reconstruction Project

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to fully reconstruct Aspen Avenue and Dill Street. In addition to construction of Aspen and Dill this project will provide ADA compliant sidewalk ramps (where feasible).

Project Details:

  • Project estimate is approximately $945,000
  • Bid awarded to Jones Contracting for $662,777
Aspen - Dill Revised Phasing Plan

The contractor plans to start work on Aspen & Dill on the week of April 22nd 2019. Additionally, the contractor has requested changes to the original the phasing plan. As a result, work will be started on the West of Dill Street (formerly phase 5). The Dill/Willow Intersection will not be removed as part of this initial phase, and will be addressed at a later time. The remainder of the work will progress as originally presented with the exception that the former phase 1 will extend to the north (on Aspen Avenue) approximately 250 feet. An updated phasing plan has been provided for reference. If you have any questions or concerns please email Jesse Howe or call at (319) 753-8176.

Aspen - Dill Start of Construction