ADA Transition Plan

What's In the Plan?

The plan establishes the strategy for achieving ADA sidewalk ramp compliance throughout the City. It states the following:

  • A summary of sidewalk ramps and their compliance state
  • A strategy for ensuring new ramps are replaced per current guidelines
  • Available funding and replacement plan
  • Ramp replacement priorities
  • Plan Monitoring/Tracking Procedure
  • Grievance Procedure

Why do we need a transition plan?

  • —The ADA law passed in 1990 required public entities with more than 50 total employees to develop a formal transition plan identifying the steps necessary to meet ADA accessibility requirements for all pedestrian access routes within their jurisdiction by upgrading all noncompliant features. Recognizing that it would be difficult to upgrade all facilities immediately, the law provided the opportunity to develop a transition plan for the implementation of these improvements.
  • —The Department of Justice (DOJ) enforces ADA compliance. If found to be negligent, cities can be placed on a compliance schedule, similar to our sewer consent order.
  • —By Adopting this document, it shows that the city is taking a proactive approach to achieve ADA compliance, and decreases the chances of DOJ action.

For more information about the ADA Transition Plan:

ADA Transition Plan - Complete Document (PDF)

To file a grievance of ADA Compliance:

Grievance of ADA Compliance Form (PDF)