Agency Street Widening Project East End

Project Description:

The purpose of this project is to replace the signalized intersection at Agency Street and Columbus Drive with new traffic signals, left-turn lanes, pedestrian signals, and ADA compliant ramps. In addition to the Traffic Safety Improvements identified, the City of Burlington proposes to re-construct the paving from US61 to Melrose Court to include lane widening for 2 lanes of traffic each way and a center turn lane from US61-Melrose, and is seeking alternative solutions to the existing left turn lanes for the intersection of Agency and the entrances of Walgreens, Dicks, and the new Legacy Drive leading to the new Burlington Crossing site.

Phase 2:

Construction personnel will be reconfiguring traffic control on Agency Street from Highway 61 to Melrose Court. This activity is anticipated to take place late this week (the week of May 14th) or early next week (the week of May 21st), depending on weather. For this phase (phase 2), traffic will be diverted into the inside lanes to allow for removal and widening of the existing surface. Initially, the driveways to Legacy Drive, Aldi's North Driveway, and Hy-Vee gas will be closed. Subsequent phases will replace other driveways, once the previously mentioned driveways are complete. Work on this phase (phase 2) is expected to last 3 to 4 months. This phase of construction will be followed by pavement removal/replacement and median construction on the inside lanes during the next phase (phase 3) of construction.

Agency East Phase 2A
Agency East Phase 2A

Phase 1

Agency Median Removal