Will it Flush?

The EPA strongly discourages the flushing of any pharmaceutical, with very few exceptions, by residents or by any type of facility.

The Burlington Police Department has a  DRUG DROP-BOX  (PDF) available 24/7.

Local law enforcement centers and community pharmacies have established permanent Take Back collection boxes.   

Iowa Year-Round Prescription Drug Take Back Sites- Click the map to find the site closest to you.

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Although products like facial tissues, "flushable" wipes, dental floss, cotton swabs, and kitty litter may flush down the toilet, they can cause clogged sewer pipes for you and your neighbors. These items are causing major problems nationwide. To find out more, click on the links below.

The City of Vancouver did a study looking at flushable diapers, and if they really break down once flushed. They not only found that the diapers do not break down, but they found a bigger problem -- flushable wipes. Newscast from Tucson, AZ: Labels on flushable wipes tell you you're safe to flush them down the toilet, so you flush them down, but that wipe could be problematic to your sewage system.

Will It Flush? An educational video demonstration preformed by a Waste Water Treatment Facility Lab on so called "flushable" items.

Recently a small victory has been won in the battle against "flushable" wipes. Under an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission, wipes manufacturer Nice-Pak Products, which produces wipes under several private labels, has agreed to stop advertising moist toilet tissues as "flushable."