The Forestry Division oversees the planting, care, and removal of trees growing on public Right-of-Ways, in the city parks, and on other public properties. The forestry crew routinely prunes street trees to prevent view obstructions of traffic and traffic signs, to achieve 8 feet of clearance over sidewalks and 14 feet of clearance over streets, and to remove dead, diseased, or otherwise undesirable growth. Other duties include responding to storm damaged City trees, and the removal of dead, diseased, hazardous, and unauthorized trees.

Trees on private property are to be maintained by the property owner, including pruning and removal if it becomes a hazard or dead. Current Tree Service Businesses (PDF) that are licensed in Burlington. For more information on tree requirements (planting, maintenance, and removal) in the City, check City Code Chapter 151 Trees.

Right-of-Way Ash Tree Treatment Permit

Tree Zones Map (PDF)

City Tree Website - Tree Keeper

Tree Reforestation Environment Enhancement (TREE) ProgramApplication

Tree Reforestation Environment Enhancement (TREE) Program

Residents interested in planting a tree(s) in a right-of-way adjacent to their property must first contact the City Forester. If a suitable planting site exists, the Forester will discuss the attributes of the most appropriate tree or trees and issue a planting permit. The resident may then shop around on their own and purchase any nursery grade tree approved by the City Forester and either plant it themselves, hire a nurseryman or landscaper to plant it, or request to have the Forestry Division plant it for them. Residents who choose to plant the tree themselves will be provided written planting instructions and requirements. Residents who choose to hire the planting to be done will be provided written planting instructions and requirements that must be followed by whomever they hire. The tree will be inspected and when all requirements have been met, the City will reimburse the resident 50% of the cost of the tree up to $50 per tree planted. In lieu of reimbursement, residents who obtained a planting permit and purchased a tree approved by the City Forester may arrange for the Forestry Division to plant it. The City will dig the hole, plant, and spread wood chips around the new tree. Planting under this option is restricted to the months of April, May, September, and October.