Environmental Nuisance

We encourage public collaboration and participation in maintaining the visual vitality of the City of Burlington. Our staff engage the best practices and methods to ensure public safety, environmental nuisance control, and enforcement of regulations relative to weeds, trash and junk vehicles.

Primarily working on complaint basis, environmental nuisance inspectors respond to a variety of complaints. Nuisance Inspectors respond to calls on a daily basis. Violators are notified by a letter issued by the Inspection Department and given a certain period of time to correct any violations or the property nuisance will be abated by the City and the charges incurred will be added to the property taxes. Environment Nuisances are regulated by Chapter 163 of the Burlington Municipal Code. 

The Environmental Nuisance Department enforces regulations on the following:

  • Tall vegetation and noxious weeds;
  • Untidy trash and garbage;
  • Abandoned and junk vehicles on private property; and
  • Other valid environmental nuisances
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How to become a registered Nuisance Abatement Contractor for the City:
You may apply to become a Nuisance Abatement Contractor for the City by completing the Demolition / Nuisance Abatement Contractor application. You may return the completed application to City Hall (1st floor - Inspections Dept), or email to krebillj@burlingtoniowa.org.

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Chapter 163 - Environmental Nuisances