Solid Waste

New Collection Program

The City of Burlington will provide each resident with their choice of a 35 gallon, 65 gallon or a 95 gallon cart to use for solid waste collection.  Solid waste carts allow for a safe work environment for our collections staff and a more attractive community. 

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Program Time Table

  • Starting August 20, 2018: Mailer/Survey Live to give the residence an opportunity to select cart size for your use.  Failure to return/reply will result in delivery 65 gallon cart to residence and a fee of $17.50/month for "TRASH" applied to water bill!  Please keep in mind, your survey for your residence is being sent to the address that receives the water bill (may go to landlord).
  • September 7, 2018: Mailer/Survey Closed.
  • Starting September 24, 2018: Assembly and Distribution (A&D) will begin.
  • October 6, 2018: All carts will be distributed.

Proposed Monthly Fee

  • 35 Gallon - $14.25 (no change from current fees)
  • 65 Gallon - $17.50 ($3.25 more per month than current fee)
  • 95 Gallon - $20.75 ($6.50 more per month than current fee)
  • Extra 65 Gallon Cart - $8.00 more a month
  • Extra 95 Gallon Cart - $12.00 more a month

Note: The above fees already include $3.75/mo for the recycling program.


Capacity (Gallons)
35 Gal
65 Gal
95 Gal
Overall Depth (D) in inches
24.1 28.1 33.3
Overall Width (W) in inches
18.5 26.7 29.2
Overall Height with lid (H) in inches
37.5 41.3 43.5
Cart Dimensions

Things to Consider

  • Wheeled cart programs are in place in all climates including Canada.
  • Having more space than you need for one (1) week’s garbage gives you the option of skipping a collection set out (icy, blowing snow, wind/lightning, raining “cats & dogs”, extremely cold, extremely hot).
  • The difference in the monthly fee between one cart and the next size up is less than the cost of the $4 Trash Tag required for one extra bag.
  • Extra space in your cart may be used to dispose of garbage from occasional family holiday gatherings; also household items other than garbage throughout the year (in lieu of City Wide Cleanup).
  • The 35 gallon cart has slightly more volume than a 33 gallon can but its concave ribs may not allow as much garbage as the 33 without pushing it down.      NOTE:  To be emptied, lid must be fully closed!
  • The 35 gallon cart has a smaller base/footprint than the 65, and is lighter, and thus less stable and more susceptible to tipping over both before being emptied and after, due to wind and/or sitting on sloped/uneven ground or animals trying to get into the cart.

If you would like more information, please see the frequently asked questions.

Current Collection Program

The Burlington Solid Waste Department provides collection of household garbage on a weekly basis. Under Burlington’s volume-based program, each residence is allowed 1 untagged 33-gallon container per week; each additional container set out for collection requires a trash tag which can be purchased from a variety of retailers. Residents are encouraged to participate in the city-contracted curbside collection of recyclables in an effort to minimize the volume of household garbage that might otherwise require the purchase of a trash tag.

Trash Route Map
 Annual City Wide Clean-Up Program
Items must be set out before 7 a.m. on Set-Out Date.