Solid Waste

Trash Cart Program FAQs (PDF) 

One (1) roll-out trash cart is now provided to each residence eligible for the Solid Waste Services provided by the City of Burlington.  The "TRASH" fee you pay on your water bill is based on the size of cart provided. You must use the City supplied cart in order for your trash to be collected.  Carts may be seen at the Wastewater Plant.  The Plant is located on the riverfront, east of South Street.

Monthly Fee and Cart Sizes effective July 1, 2021:

  • 35 Gallon - $14.75 a month/$44.25 a quarter
  • 65 Gallon - $18.00 a month/$54.00 a quarter
  • 95 Gallon - $21.25 a month/$63.75 a quarter
  • Extra 65 Gallon Cart - $8.50 more a month or $25.50 more a quarter
  • Extra 95 Gallon Cart - $12.50 more a month or $37.50 more a quarter

Note: The above fees already include $4.05/mo. for the recycling program.

If you wish to exchange your cart size there will be a $35.00 exchange fee unless you have just moved to Burlington or just moved to a different residence; if that is the case, the exchange fee may be waived.



Trash Route Map (PDF)