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City Contact Directory
City of Burlington, Iowa
Municipal Government Contact Directory

City Council - City Administration - City Clerk - Finance Department
Development and Inspections
- Network Support - Human Resources - Joint Safety
 Police Department - Fire Department - Parks and Recreation - Public Works
Wastewater Treatment - Public Library - Miscellaneous Numbers

Email addresses are of the form:
City Council Second Floor, City Hall, 400 Washington St. Burlington, IA 52601
Shane McCampbell Mayor 319-753-8120
Becky Anderson
Mayor Pro Tem 319-753-8120
Robert Fleming Council Member 319-753-8120
Tim Scott Council Member 319-753-8120
Jim Davidson
Council Member 319-753-8120
Email to all City Council members

City Administration Second Floor, City Hall, 400 Washington St. Burlington, IA 52601
Jim Ferneau City Manager 319-753-8120
Katie Music Adminstrative Assistant 319-753-8120
City Hall Fax

City Clerk Second Floor, City Hall, 400 Washington St. Burlington, IA 52601
Kathleen Salisbury City Clerk 319-753-8124
Katie Music Deputy City Clerk 319-753-8124
City Hall Fax

Finance Department Second Floor, City Hall, 400 Washington St. Burlington, IA 52601
Stephanie Stuecker Director of Administrative Services 319-753-8178
Annette Crowner Accounting Supervisor 319-753-8159
Debbie Smith Licenses, Fines, and Fees 319-753-8138
Diane Hueschen Payroll 319-753-8123

Development and Inspections First Floor, City Hall, 400 Washington St. Burlington, IA 52601
Eric Tysland Development and Parks Director
Charlie Nichols
City Planner
Mark Hirsbrunner Building Inspector 319-753-8131
Larry Caston Building Inspector 319-753-8131
Matt Amenell Rental/Nuisance Inspector 319-753-8131
Craig Robinson Rental/Nuisance Inspector 319-753-8131
Tabetha Miller Administrative Assistant 319-753-8131

Human Resources Third Floor, City Hall, 400 Washington St. Burlington, IA 52601
Stephanie Stuecker Director of Administrative Services  319-753-8178
Becky Karas
Administrative Assistant 319-753-8161

Joint Safety Office - Third Floor, City Hall, 400 Washington St. Burlington, IA 52601
Angie Vaughan Safety Director 319-753-8100

Police Department - 424 N 3rd St, Burlington, IA 52601
Doug Beaird Police Chief 319-753-8355
Kristin Eland Administrative Assistant 319-753-8355
Dennis Kramer  Major, Operations Commander 319-753-8355
Darren Grimshaw Major, Administrative Services 319-753-8355
Police Information/Dispatch
Criminal Investigation
(anonymous reporting of criminal activity) 319-753-6835

Fire Department - 418 Valley St, Burlington, IA 52601
Matt Trexel Fire Chief 319-753-8396
Mark Crooks Fire Marshal - Inspections 319-753-8398
Vacant Deputy Chief - Operations 319-753-8396
Dana Waters Administrative Assistant 319-753-8396
Central Fire Station
Airport Fire Station

Parks and Recreation Administrative Offices: 704 Dankwardt Drive, Burlington, IA 52601
Eric Tysland Development and Parks  Director 319-753-8158
Tabetha Miller Administrative Assistant 319-753-8117
Casey Chadwick Forestry Supervisor 319-753-8140
Kirk Danforth RecPlex Manager 319-758-9419
Brad Selby Recreation / Golf Course Manager 319-753-8134
Ryan Gourley Parks Superintendent 319-753-8117
Ted Tillo Flint Hills Course Superintendent 319-752-8855
Burlington Regional RecPlex
Flint Hills Golf Course
Dankwardt Park Pool
Park shelter reservations

Public Works - 3510 Division, Burlington, IA 52601
Steve Hoambrecker Public Works Director 319-753-8171
Tammy Anderson Office Coordinator 319-753-8171
Ryne Thornburg City Engineer 319-753-8176
Christian Boehmer Civil Engineer Intern 319-753-8176
Chris Clements Street and Sewer Maintenance 319-753-8119
Breydn Hill Property Maintenance Manager 319-753-8128
Auditorium Rentals and Information
Auditorium Maintenance
Engineering Department Fax
Public Works Fax

Wastewater Treatment Plant - 101 South St, Burlington, IA 52601
Don Fitting Wastewater Plant Manager 319-753-8157
Sandy Levins Office Coordinator 319-753-8157
Tim Myatt Maintenance Supervisor 319-753-8157
Dave Avery Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator 319-753-8157
Solid Waste Information Line
Wastewater Treatment Plant Fax

Public Library - 210 Court Street, Burlington, IA 52601
Rhonda Frevert Library Director 319-753-1647 
Library Services and Information

Miscellaneous Numbers
Mark Eveleth Burlington Municipal Band 319-753-6900
Mary Maine RSVP Coordinator 319-753-8155