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All City maps are provided for informational purposes only. If you have any questions regarding the content, accuracy, or future updates to each map, please contact the Development Department. The boundary lines and districts of each map may change over time. Updates to such maps will occur after approval by City Council and/or the approving entity. To be sure of complete accuracy, please check with City staff for updated information. (Some maps are large in size and may take time to open)

Zoning District Map - 1

Zoning District Map - 2
Shows the various zoning districts within the City of Burlington. The aerial map shows an aerial image of the City and is a large file. For further information or to see if there have been recent changes to the Zoning Maps, please contact the Development Department.  (Zoning Map 1 is a large file)
Future Land Use Map Future Land Use Map from Comprehensive Strategic Plan of Burlington. Note this map is only for those areas within the City limits.
Enterprise Zone Map - 1

Enterprise Zone Map - 2
Shows the location of the Enterprise Zones within the City. Developments within these zones may be eligible for tax benefits and incentives. Please see Development Incentives for more information on Enterprise Zones.  (Enterprise Zone Map 1 is a large file)

Please see Development Incentives for more information on TIF.
Urban Renewal Map Location of Urban Renewal Areas within the City of Burlington.
Heritage Hill Historic District This district has been designated locally historic by the Burlington Historic Preservation Commission and City Council.  Regulations for properties in this district can be found under Chapter 25 of the Municipal Code.
Burlington Street Map
Burlington Location Map
Iowa Department of Transportation maps, shows the street layout and street names.  Informational map only, details may not be up to date.
City Hall - Directions / Map Directional map to City Hall, 400 Washington Street

Des Moines County GIS Mapping System Shows information on properties within the County, including aerial images, lot location, and other parcel information managed by the County. This system is maintained by the Des Moines County GIS (Geographical Information System) Coordinator.