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Historic Preservation Commission

Development Department

The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 6:00 PM in the City Hall Council Chambers (3rd Floor).  Meetings occur on an as-needed basis and are open to the public.  
The goals and purpose of the Burlington Historic Preservation Commission are to:
1. Promote the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the public through the protection, recognition, enhancement, and perpetuation of landmarks and districts of historical and cultural significance;
2. Safeguard the City’s architectural, prehistoric, historic, aesthetic and cultural heritage by preserving landmarks and districts of historic and cultural significance;
3. Promote reuse and recycling of both natural and man made resources (as opposed to their replacement);
4. Stabilize and improve property values by conserving historic properties;
5. Foster pride in the legacy of beauty and achievements of the past;
6. Protect and enhance the City’s attractions to tourists and visitors and the support and stimulus to business thereby provided;
7. Strengthen the economy of the City;
8. Promote the use of landmarks and districts of historic and cultural significance as places for the education, pleasure and welfare of the people of the City;
9. To establish a preservation plan to accomplish the goals of this section.

HPC Applications
HPC Information HPC Questions?
Certificate of  Appropriateness City Code - Chapter 25  Contact - City Planner
Local Historic Designation Comprehensive Plan - Historic Preservation .
Map - Local Historic District Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties

 - - - Historic Information - - -
National Register Listings - Burlington Architectural Styles of Burlington, Iowa Map - Downtown National Register Properties
West Jefferson Historic District Heritage Hill Historic District Snake Alley Historic District
Crapo Park & Arboretum Historic District The Burlington Depot Historic Listing

- - - Historic Preservation Links - - -
Burlington Heritage Trust State Historical Society of Iowa
Des Moines County Historical Society Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance
National Trust for Historic Preservation Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs
National Register of Historic Places

Downtown Burlington Historic Nomination
The Historic Preservation Commission has received a HRDP grant to complete a historic nomination of the downtown area.  This nomination would result in a larger National Register of Historic Places District in the downtown area.   
- Site Inventory Forms -
400-402 Jefferson 404-406 Jefferson 408 Jefferson 412-148 Jefferson420-422 Jefferson
401-407 Jefferson411 Jefferson413-415-417 Jefferson419-421 Jefferson423 Jefferson
412-422 Valley211-213 N 5th215 N 5th500-504 Jefferson506-508 Jefferson
510 Jefferson512 Jefferson514-520 Jefferson522 Jefferson317 N 6th
501-505 Jefferson 507-509 Jefferson507-509-511 Jefferson513 Jefferson515-517 Jefferson
602 Jefferson604-606 Jefferson608-610 Jefferson612-614 Jefferson616 Jefferson
620-624 Jefferson601 Jefferson603-605-607 Jefferson609 Jefferson611 Jefferson
613-615 Jefferson700-702 Jefferson704 Jefferson708 Jefferson712-714 Jefferson
716-722 Jefferson800-804 Jefferson826-830 Jefferson834 Jefferson217-219 N 8th
801 Jefferson803-805 Jefferson807 Jefferson106-108 N Main110 N Main
112-114 N Main213 Valley217 Valley

Downtown Burlington Historic Survey
Intensive Survey ReportAppendix B
Downtown200-400 N Front200 N Front400 N Front106-110 Washington
115 Jefferson100 Valley200 N Main208-212 N Main214-216 N Main
222 N Main201 Jefferson200-204 Jefferson206-208 Jefferson210 Jefferson
307-313 N Main315 N Main317 N Main319-323 N Main205-211 Washington
300 N Main324 N Main400 N Main408 N Main410 N Main
401 N Main513 N Main514 N Main520-524 Main119 Court
113 Court600 N Main610-616 N Main522 N 3rd500-506 N 3rd
418-424 N 3rd412-416 N 3rd300-304 Washington306-310 Washington312 Washington
323 N 3rd321 N 3rd215 Washington320-324 N 3rd314 N 3rd
308 N 3rd212 Jefferson214 Jefferson216-222 Jefferson213-217 Jefferson
221-223 Jefferson206 N 3rd211-213 N 3rd301 Jefferson313 Jefferson
315-317 Jefferson319 Jefferson323 Jefferson300-306 Jefferson308-310 Jefferson
312-314 Jefferson318-322 Jefferson312 N 4th314 N 4th316 N 4th
318 N 4th320 N 4th322 N 4th313 Washington219 N 7th
701-703 Jefferson705-707 Jefferson709-711 Jefferson713-723 Jefferson

Manufacturing and Wholesale Historic District

National Register of Historic Places - Registration FormPhotos 1Photos 2

Intensive Survey of the Warehouse District in Downtown Burlington

The Historic Preservation Commission has received a CLG grant from the State Historical Society of Iowa to conduct a historic survey of the downtown Warehouse District area.  This survey will determine property and/or district eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.  The survey project area is shown in green on the attached map; current National Register properties/districts are highlighted in red.  The final report on this project can be found below.   Upon completion of the survey project, the Warehouse District was renamed to the Manufacturing and Wholesale Historic District.  

Intensive Level Historical and Architectural Survey of the "Warehouse District" in Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa
June 15, 2010 - Final Report - Rebecca Lawin McCarley (SPARK Consulting)
Final Report: Historic Survey of "Warehouse District" Appendix A: Intro to the Site Inventory Forms
Manufacturing and Wholesale District - Site Form
WH-01 WH-04 WH-05 WH-06 WH-07 WH-08
WH-09 WH-10 WH-11 WH-13 WH-14 WH-15
WH-16 WH-22 WH-23 WH-24 WH-25 WH-26
WH-27 WH-28 WH-29 WH-30 WH-31 WH-32
WH-33 WH-34 WH-35 WH-36 WH-37 WH-38
WH-39 WH-40 WH-41 WH-42 WH-43 WH-44


Downtown District Registration Form
Sample Design Guidelines - For Review
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