What can I throw away during City Wide Clean-Up?
CWC is intended for bulky objects such as furniture, toys and other bulky household items. City crews will not pick up items too heavy for two people to handle safely (like a piano or pool table) or items not properly prepared for collection. Small objects must be placed in garbage bags, trash cans, sturdy boxes or containers. Loose bits and pieces will not be picked up. Carpet must be cut in strips no more than 4' wide, tightly rolled and tied. Paint cans must be empty or contents dry and lids removed. REGULAR GARBAGE IS STILL STUBJECT TO THE TAG PROGRAM FOR GARBAGE. Please note: The quantity of CWC material collected from one residence is limited to a reasonable amount. Crews will fill the garbage truck hopper up to four times. That equates to a pile no more than 14' L x 5' W x 4' H. DO NOT STACK!! CWC 18 (PDF)

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