What is the Tag Program for Garbage?
The base fee that you pay on your water bill for trash collection permits the collection and disposal of one 33-gallon container of garbage each week per household. You may use either a bag or a can. You may place more than one bag inside a 33-gallon can, but all material must fit INSIDE the can so that a lid will CLOSE. There is a 50 pound weight limit per container. Cans and bags larger than 33-gallons in size will not be emptied. Each additional container must have a trash TAG attached to be collected. Additional containers without TAGs will not be picked up .

TAGs cost $2 and are available at the following stores: Hy-Vee, Fareway, Walgreens, Kempkers True Value, Shopko, Gasland, Casey’s General Stores, Jet Stop South, BS Mini Mart, M&K Mini Mart, Quik Stop on Osborn and Roosevelt Shell Station. Walmart does not sell Trash Tags. Base Fee

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