Agency Street Widening Project - West End

Project Description

This project provides reconstruction of approximately 2,100 feet of Agency Road, from Roosevelt Avenue to West Burlington Avenue, utilizing funding through the Revitalize Iowa's Sound Economy (RISE) to cover 80% of the costs. This widening effort will improve traffic by including a center turn lane for the entrance to the GE plant and Lowe's. 

Also included in the project are Traffic Safety Improvements at the intersection of Agency Street and Frontage Road, to replace existing span wire hung traffic signals with pole mounted signals, and sidewalk will be installed on the north side of this Agency corridor.


  • Bid Awarded to Jones Contracting Corp for $1,599,777.00
  • Funding Source
    • $   493,239.00 - General Obligation Bond TIF
    • $1,631,000.00 - State RISE and TSIP Grant
    • $   143,758.00 - Outside Entity - City of West Burlington

Traffic Control for Phase 1:

On July 20th 2017 construction will begin on Agency Road between highway 61 and West Burlington avenue. For the first phase of construction, traffic will be diverted into the southernmost lanes. Transition from four lanes of traffic to two will begin on the east side of Highway 61 and the west side of West Burlington Avenue. Two intersections will be effected by the project, the intersection of West Burlington Avenue, and the intersection of the Plaza West Frontage Road. Both intersections will revert to a 4 way stop and will be slightly modified to promote traffic flow. This is the first of four stages of traffic control that will be required to complete construction. The first phase is expected to take 2 months to complete, at which point another news release will be published describing traffic control for phase 2 of the project. 

Traffic Control for Lowe's Intersection

Phase 1 - Agency Street (1)

Traffic Control for Plaza West Frontage Road & Roosevelt Intersections

Phase 1 - Agency Street (2)