David A. Wunnenberg Community Policing Foundation

The David A. Wunnenberg Community Policing Foundation has been helping our Police Department since 2006. Along with the needs we've met, the following are additional needs we hope to tackle with your help:

  • Training and equipment for the Tactical Response Unit - a highly specialized team of regional officers. Established in 2008, this unit requires its members to maintain peak physical fitness to respond to high-risk incidents. The unit has been instrumental in search/arrest warrants, barricaded subjects with a weapon, and hostage situations.
  • The Law Enforcement Career Scholarship Fund, which helps Des Moines County high school graduates enroll in the Southeastern Community College criminal justice program. While providing annual grants, we are slowly building principal sufficient to create a self-supporting endowment, The K-9 Unit was established, supported, and may be re-instituted.
  • Law Enforcement Explorers. Several current officers are "alumni" of this advanced Scouting program, which introduces high school students to various aspects of the profession. These young people support many activities with their own membership dues, but the equipment and materials they need are costly beyond their means.
  • Closer connections between the department's officers and the citizens they serve. These efforts take many forms, for example interaction with youth, development of safer neighborhoods, and citizen education programs.
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For more information and how to donate please contact:

Dennis Kramer
Chief of Police
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Kathleen Hemmesch- President  Eric Benne- Treasurer Renee Wunnenberg- Secretary
Dennis Kramer- Director/Police Liaison Jeff Taeger- Board Member   Cyndie Parks- Board Member