Boards, Commissions & Committees

The City Council appoints citizen volunteers to the following boards, commissions, and committees.  Please note that where permitted, a member whose term is expiring is usually given the opportunity to request reappointment.  For additional information on the scope of each appointment please refer to the City of Burlington Code of Ordinances.

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List of Committees

  • Southeast Iowa Airport Authority (Chapter 33)
  • Animal Hearing Board (Chapter 35)
  • City Planning Commission (Chapter 22) - Staff Report
  • Civil Service Commission (Chapter 24)
  • Comprehensive Plan Committee (Ad Hoc)
  • Construction Board of Appeals (Chapter 166)
  • Economic Development Board (Chapter 36)
  • Flint Hills Golf Course Advisory Committee (Chapter 27)
  • Historic Preservation Commission (Chapter 25)
  • Board of Housing Standards & Appeals Committee (Chapter 161.06)
  • Human Rights Commission (Chapter 34)
  • Library Board of Trustees (Chapter 21)
  • Low Rent Housing Authority (Code of Iowa Section 403A.5)
  • Parks Advisory Committee (Chapter 29)
  • Renewable Energy Commission (Chapter 37)
  • Riverfront Advisory Committee (Chapter 31)
  • Waterworks Board (Chapter 23)
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment (Chapter 17.50) - Staff Reports