Leaf Collection Program

The Curbside Leaf Collection has been changed.
​Burlington Solid Waste crews will continue to collect leaves, lawn and garden residue and twigs no larger than 1" in diameter for 7 weeks in the fall and 3 weeks in the spring.   MATERIAL MUST BE IN PAPER YARDWASTE BAGS.  WE WILL NO LONGER COLLECT FROM 33 GALLON CANS OR THE CITY SUPPLIED CARTS.
​Collection is at the curb even if your garbage is picked up in the alley.
​Collection is the day after trash collection.
​Bags with tape or staples or that weight more than 40 pounds will be left uncollected.
​No garbage or trash may be mixed in with yardwaste.

​Approved paper yardwaste bags are available at various retail outlets.
​It is illegal to rake, blow or deposit leaves or other yardwaste onto the street, sidewalk or alley. 

​Property owners may otherwise contract with private haulers for yardwaste collection, or self-haul yardwaste to the landfill for free disposal. 

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