Burlington Municipal Waterworks

Burlington Municipal Waterworks services the communities of Burlington, West Burlington and surrounding rural areas.  

Main Office

  500 N 3rd St
  Burlington, IA 52601
  Phone:  (319) 754-6501
  Fax:      (319) 754-5492  

Office Hours

  Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 

After Hours Emergency Line

  (319) 752-7611

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Improvements to your drinking water

The Burlington Municipal Waterworks is making an improvement to the disinfection process in the treatment of the drinking water supplied to your tap.  During November of 2005, our disinfection process changed from the use of chlorine for disinfection to chloramines (chlorine and ammonia).  Click here for more detailed information, answers to most frequently asked questions, and information for two groups of people who need to take special care with chloraminated water: kidney dialysis patients and persons who keep fish, aquatic or semi-aquatic life.  This information packet can also be picked up at our office at 500 N. 3rd St.

Direct Payment Plan - the easy and convenient way to pay your water bill

Save time, postage and checking expense by signing up for the Direct Payment Plan and authorizing us to automatically withdraw your water bill from your checking account. You will continue to receive your water bill as normal, with the automatic deduction from your checking account taking place on the "delinquent after" date shown on your bill, click here for the downloadable form.  Forms are also available at our main office.
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