Rental Housing

The Rental Inspectors work with property owners, managers, and tenants to ensure conformance with Burlington's Housing Code.  This Code establishes minimum health and safety standards that protect and promote the welfare of the tenants and the general public.

All rental properties located within the City of Burlington are required to be inspected on a regular basis. Units are inspected on a 3-year cycle for 3+ unit properties and a 5-year cycle for single-family and duplex properties.

It is a violation of City Code for any person to let another person rent or occupy a dwelling or dwelling unit, unless the owner or operator holds a valid rental permit.
Failure to obtain or renew a rental permit may cause the property to be ordered vacated or result in the issuance of a Municipal Infraction.

If you want to get a head start on  turning your property into a rental unit, please check out the checklist below or contact a Code Inspector for further information.

To report an issue or complaint with a rental property, please click on the Rental Housing Complaint Form below.

Contact Us

  1. Craig Robinson
    Code Inspector I

    Matt Amenell
    Code Inspector I

Rental Fees

Single $135.00
Duplex $170.00
Multiple 3
Multiple 4
Multiple 5
Multiple 6
Multiple 7
Multiple 8
Multiple 9
Multiple 10
Additional $100.00 Structure + $35.00 Unit
Re-inspection Fee
$55.00 + $5 Per Unit
No-Show Fee
$55.00 + $5 Per Unit