City Clerk
     The City Clerk’s office is responsible for maintaining all public records, which consists of storage, retention and
     scanning of official records. The office of the City Clerk is also responsible for various licenses and permits.

City Manager
     The city operates under a City Council / Manager form of government as outlined in the City Charter. The
     elected City Council appoints a City Manager, who serves as chief executive officer of the organization

Community Development
     Development Department staff provides assistance, enforces regulations and codes, and performs inspections
     in the areas of planning / zoning, building / construction, rental housing, and environmental nuisance.

     Get information about budgets and annual reports for the City of Burlington.

     The Fire Department provides Emergency Services to the city and surrounding rural areas.

Parks & Recreation
     The Parks Division oversees and maintains Burlington's parks while the Recreation Division oversees the Flint
     Hills Golf Course, the RecPlex, Dankwardt Park Pool, summer kids camps and recreation programming.

     The Police Department provides Law Enforcement, Animal Control, Parking Enforcement, and other services.

Public Works
     The Public Works Department includes, Streets and Sewers, Engineering, Public Transit, Property
     Maintenance, and Vehicle Maintenance divisions.

Solid Waste
     The Solid Waste Department provides collection of household garbage to the community

Wastewater Treatment Facility
     The Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) is a separate department from Public Works (PW)/Streets and
     Sewers. The WWTF treats the wastewater discharged to the sewers by residential, commercial and industrial

Burlington Municipal Waterworks
     Burlington Municipal Waterworks provides clean water to the communities of Burlington, West Burlington and
     surrounding rural areas.

Burlington Public Library
     The Burlington Public Library provides library services to the City and surrounding communities.